Inspired by Canadian landscapes Candice and Dan create one-of-a-kind live edge wall art pieces combining natural elements of stone and wood. These pieces incorporate stones collected on their cross-Canada travels and often include ammonite fossils and various crystals such as amethyst and quartz. Each piece is completely one-of-it's kind due to the unique characteristics of the natural materials and is treated to be displayed indoors or outdoors. 




Circular Wall Art Pieces Pricing:

15” diameter: $420-$475

20” diameter: $685-$750

25" diameter: $800-$900

30” diameter: $920-$1400


Rectangular Wall Art Pieces:

48” x 24”: $2300

96” x 30”: $4800


Sliding Portal Barn Door: $5500


For custom orders

- wood preference, sizing and colour tone- connect with us here!

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