We believe in keeping it simple, local and true.

We are on a path of transformation and innovation.

We hope to inspire. 

We are


Candice Sheriff

The Jill of all trades.

 A creative soul with a bachelor of design- Candice keeps the balance and an eye on all the finer details. Do not underestimate her prowess in the wood shop. 

Dan Alonso

The original seed.

Dan planted trees across Canada for 9 seasons and this experience is what planted the seed for Live Edge Forest. He is a driving force filled with passion and innovation.

Together we design, create and share.


Dan planted trees for 9 years across Canada. He hit his millionth tree by year six and loved every minute of it! During this time he laid witness to mass tree slash pile burnings. The trees in these slash piles are deemed "unfit" to use which is sad. They cut them down just to burn them. After his planting career came to an end Dan still wanted to work with trees so he pursued his passion for woodworking through self teachings. Knowing so many trees were being tossed aside and burnt, it seeded the idea for Live Edge Forest and the next chapter of his life.


Dan met Candice in the spring of 2015 and their love for nature and one another rooted them together and LEF started it's growth. Candice has a background in design and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. Together with their keen eye for capturing the natural beauty and character of the wood; they source, design and hand craft each piece. 


They create original and custom furniture pieces + other wood goods from fallen Canadian trees, with strong hopes to inspire others to embrace nature in their homes and lives.

TREE to TABLE - Our process in a nutshell…

We were featured on a Netflix show called Restaurants on the Edge!

EPISODE 1: Muskoka



Artist of the Month: Live Edge Forest

October 2019

Business buzz

July 2016

Merging Sustainability and Creativity

September 2019

Felled trees into art


July 2016


2019 Excellence in Furniture, Muskoka Arts and Crafts

2019 Best in Home Decor, Muskoka Arts and Crafts

2018 Excellence in Furniture, Muskoka Arts and Crafts

Our hope is to preserve the simplicity and beauty of nature by keeping the tree alive.

Our product line is ever-evolving as we co-create sustainable products inspirited by what we love most in life- the outdoors, yoga, our dogs and all things local.

Check out our sister company MANTUS

as we expand our offering of goods from the woods into a yoga line that makes use of our wood shavings and cut offs in new and innovative ways.




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