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Sustainable furniture made to order.

We love working with clients to design and create functional artistic pieces and furniture that tell a story all their own.


From tree to table, we love the process of creating something spectacular that will last a lifetime and we encourage custom orders of all sorts and sizes.


All of our wood is sustainably sourced from fallen or downed trees and is kiln dried. In crafting beautiful pieces with salvaged trees we create a mindfulness towards valuing those unwanted, dead or fallen trees- In a sense keeping it alive, rather than cutting more down.


With each piece our clients embrace the beauty of nature in their home. They also feel good knowing it was locally sourced, sustainably made and purchased directly from the makers. 

Have some wood of your own that is of sentimental value?

We can discuss the possibility of working together to design a special family heirloom.

We make...

Kitchen Islands | Counter Tops | Dining/Harvest Tables | Coffee Tables | Side Tables | Console Tables | Benches | Fire Mantles | Mirrors | Shelving | Headboards | Coat Hooks | Wine Displays | Sliding Barn Doors | Bar Stools | Bar tops | Outdoor Furniture | Chalkboard + Picture Frames...

and more!


Have something in mind? Request a quote by starting with some of the specifics...

​select your desired dimensions

wood type (if any preference in type or tone)

finish matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, organic (matte)

base style hairpins, flat bar, squared tubing, wooden

and any other specifications that come to mind.

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Thanks! Message sent.

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